Chocolate & Romance

Have You Ever Wondered about the connection between Chocolate & Romance?

Have you ever noticed that around Valentine’s Day, the shelves of all of the stores seem to be full of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate candy? What’s all that about? What could chocolate possibly have to do with love?

Well, the connection between chocolate and romance is not exactly “love,” and I’m not sure that there’s any “romance” connected to chocolate, either.

The use of chocolate has been traced back to the ancient Aztec culture. That’s where the legendary combination of chocolate and passionate love began. In the Aztec culture, chocolate was reserved for royalty and used only at sacred events and ceremonies. Chocolate was said to be a stimulant that promoted passion as well as sexual satisfaction. Those are high expectations for a little piece of chocolate candy!

You might not see that box of chocolates your sweetie gave you for Valentine’s Day as such an innocent little gift now, right? Well, actually the chocolate that comes in those heart-shaped boxes actually bears very little resemblance to the chocolate used by Montezuma, Casanova, and Madame Du Barry.

The chocolate of old wasn’t sweet or diluted. It was strong stuff. It was straight chocolate! In those days of old chocolate didn’t come in nicely shaped candies. Chocolate was a drink that was reserved for royalty and those who were in the upper echelons of society. It was bitter, unsweetened, and very dark.

Aztec legend has it that chocolate is actually an aphrodisiac and the Spanish conquerors took that bit of titillating information back to Europe with them along with the chocolate. Both chocolate and the aphrodisiac theory spread like the proverbial wildfire and that belief still is believed to be true by many people.

Chocolate, when given to the one you love, will cause her/him to return your passionate love enthusiastically. On the other hand, a chocoholic might just love anybody who gave him/her chocolate!

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