8 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

Do you ever feel that your loved one doesn’t tell you or show you often enough just how much you mean to him or her? And do you think that your partner might feel the same about you?

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Here are 8 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them:

Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

In the madness of daily life, telling your loved ones how important they are often gets pushed to the side. Sometimes at night, you’re just too tired to say even the smallest caring words.

Or perhaps your schedules are so full of work events, school events for the children, dinners with friends, sports practice, and more. The list for modern couples goes on and on. Schedule some alone time with your partner by actually scheduling a date on your calendar.

Don’t let the over busy lifestyle take over completely. One doesn’t have to do a lot of planning to let your loved ones know how much they are loved. You can show them love in the little details that make up your life.

1. Communicate Words of Affirmation 

If you recognize yourself in the description above, then here are some tips that may help you develop ways to keep each other close in heart even though you might be involved in activities that keep you physically apart.

Yes, communication is key in making your love felt. Find out how below.

• Write a love letter for no reason at all. Written words hold so much power. Write down all the things that you love about the other person. Then hand it to him or her or leave it in a briefcase or some place where it will definitely be found.
This is so personal and thoughtful. Mention words that your partner said and how much they meant to you. Describe your reaction to an action he or she performed. Your words could mean far more than any expensive gift you could give your partner.

You can do something similar for your children – or your parents. Putting your feelings into words is something that they can take out any time to read – when they’re feeling down because they lost the football game, when they had an argument with someone else that they love.

A letter like this can even help when you have an argument with a loved one. Remind that person to take out the last letter you gave him or her and read it. You could conceivably do that together and discover just how unimportant your argument was.

2. Show Someone You Love Them through Physical Touch

Physically touching someone is also very powerful. Show your loved ones how much you love them with your hugs. In fact, give hugs every chance you get. Children, in particular, can be great huggers. Here’s a great pillow for times when you can’t be together.Show Someone You Love Them through Physical Touch Pillow

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3. Praise Often and Freely

Everyone loves getting praised, so don’t pass up opportunities to boost someone’s mood with a well-deserved compliment. Remember, the compliment should be deserved. Otherwise, your praise will come to seem empty. Compliments can be verbal or written. You can write one on a small piece of paper and leave it somewhere that you know your loved one will find it.

4. Listen to Your Loved Ones

Make it a point to delay bedtime by a half hour. Use that time to sit down with your loved one to hear about the up’s and down’s of his or her day. You can even do this with your children. Showing interest in the events of their days demonstrates your love very clearly.

If you often have a family dinner, you could do this at your kitchen or dining table. Each person can take a turn – even very young children. You may find that reflecting on the events from each person’s life brings your closer and closer.

5. Celebrate Wins

If your partner has a success, small or large, tell him or her how happy you are to share in the news. Have a glass of champagne or just give a high five. Let your partner know how impressed you are by every accomplishment. No one ever gets tired of hearing ‘I’m proud of you.”

Use photos to show how much you care. With very little effort, you could paste a photo to a piece of colored construction paper with a note below the photo describing why it’s important to you.

6. Share Experiences

Share an experience that made an impression on you – a movie, an article, a book, whatever. Explain why it made that impression, whether negative or positive. Be sure to choose a time when the other person isn’t in a hurry so that the sharing is meaningful.

Do you like to dance? Why not take five minutes to put on a great song you both like and dance around the living room. What a great physical reconnection with a loved one after a long day of work!

7. Use Photos to Show Someone You Love Them

Use photos to show how much you care. With very little effort, you could paste a photo to a piece of colored construction paper with a note below the photo describing why it’s important to you or display photos in a lovely frame.

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8. Show Someone You Love Them through Gifts of Love

There are many types of gifts that you can give that reflect your love for another. If you’re struggling with ideas, here are a few suggestions:

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Lastly, Don’t hesitate. Get started loving right away.

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