Romancing a Man

Here are Some Fun Ideas for Romancing a Man. If we were to believe the greeting card companies, men are expected to romance women. That’s the only way that romance goes. It seems when you look at greeting cards (particularly Valentine’s Day cards). It’s always HIM telling HER how wonderful SHE is. But shouldn’t romance flow both ways? Shouldn’t women tell the man she loves how wonderful HE is?

Men don’t have the market cornered on romance, not even with the help of the greeting card companies. Women who want to romance their guys can do so, but they’re pretty much on their own.

So how does a woman go about romancing their man? Sending flowers to him would likely embarrass the daylights out of him, so that’s out. Forget sending a romantic greeting card there are not many (if any) out there. I suppose you could invite him to a romantic dinner at your expense, but he’d likely see that as an affront to his masculinity.

Here are Some Ideas for Romancing a Man:

ONE positive thing that you can do if you really want to romance your guy is to take note of the small things. If he likes a particular type of gum, have some and offer him a stick. Suggest a movie or tv show that will appeal to HIM.

Tuck a little “I love you” note inside his briefcase or into the pocket of his jeans. Put a few candy hearts into his lunch pail.

Men romance women on a grand scale, but women must be more subtle when they romance their man.

Plan and prepare a romantic dinner for two. Cook foods that you know HE likes and enjoys. Turn down the lights, light some candles, put some soft, sexy music on. Dress up just for him. Notice the little things!

And, “nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven!”

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