romancing a woman

Are You Looking for some Ideas for Romancing a Woman? Romance is, of course, a two-way street. But while a man may like for his lady to make romantic gestures toward him, the lady actually requires her man to make romantic gestures toward her. Romance for men may be optional, but romance for women is a requirement. If you leave the romance out of a relationship, the relationship is doomed from the start.

Romancing your lady, though, is really easy, and you have a lot of help from retail merchants รณ particularly those who sell greeting cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry. But be warned: just gifts are NOT romantic!

The words on the card that accompanies a gift can be romantic. The setting in which a gift is presented can be romantic. The words spoken when a gift is given can be romantic. But just the gifts themselves are not romantic. And the price of the gift is certainly NOT romantic.

An inexpensive pair of earrings can be the most romantic thing in the world if the man whispers, “I saw these and they were so beautiful they made me think of you.” Oh, yeah that’s romantic, and price doesn’t matter.

Romancing a woman is really, really easy. All it takes is a tiny bit of thought and then some action to back up the thought. Send her one rose and a note that says, “One perfect rose for one perfect woman.” Send her a box of candy that says, “Sweet, but you are much sweeter!”

All of these things are things that women see as romantic, but the single most important and effective way a man can romance a woman is to actually see HER and hear HER and care about her comfort and well-being. That might sound a bit trite or even old-fashioned, but it is true!

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