License to Coloring Pages

Gifts of Love Shop coloring pages distributed through our FREE giveaways, paid memberships or individual packages are copyrighted and may not be redistributed or shared in any way. This includes the original PDF and all uncolored images.

If you’d like your friends to enjoy them as much as you do, please send them to sign up here! Under no circumstances may you sell pages you download or print to others.

Personal Use License Color Happy coloring pages are licensed for personal use only. But what exactly does “personal use” mean? The following are all “personal use” for Gifts of Love Shop products:

  • Printing and coloring your pages
  • Having other household members color your pages
  • Having friends and family in your home coloring your pages
  • Having others color your pages at a social or gathering where no money exchanges hands

About Sharing Your Finished Colored Work: 

Once you have completed coloring any of our designs, free or paid, we encourage you to proudly share images of your work online, whether on your website or via social media.

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