The Christmas Gift Baskets with Chocolate Guide

Anyone who has chocolate cravings will tout you as his or her “Best Friend Forever” when you send gift baskets with chocolate. Whether the cravings are for a simple Hershey bar or gourmet Godiva chocolates, you can go to an online website and put together a candy gift basket that’s sure to put the chocoholic in a trance.Christmas Gift Baskets with Chocolate

Make up a variety of items for your chocolate candy gift basket such as triple chocolate cookies, cocoa covered pretzels and chocolate dipping sauce and coco-covered coffee beans for your favorite chocoholic. When he or she craves the very best gourmet chocolates, look no further than Christmas gift basket filled full of chocolates such as Godiva, Lindt and Ghirardelli.

1. Nostalgic Christmas Gift Baskets with Chocolate

Be a little different and load a gift basket with memories of the past. Include lots of milk chocolate balls and then add jelly beans, salt water taffy, Junior Mints, JuJubes, Cow Tales and don’t forget the Hershey’s bars. Anyone will be delighted with a “memories” gift basket as each bite takes them on a trip down memory lane.

Candy bouquets that vary from packages of M & M candies to the most intricately designed rose de chocolat are designed for the chocolate lover in mind – tucked into a festive basket and surrounded by all things chocolate. Kids will love them and so will the adults in your life. This Nostalgia Candy Bucket by Dylan Candy Bar is sure to delight someone who love a trip down memory lane. It  includes: Abba-Zaba, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chews, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Fruit Stripe Gum, Nostalgia Hershey Bar, Smarties, 5th Avenue Bar, Chick-O-Stick, LOOK Bar, Candy Necklace, Satellite Wafers, AstroPop, Baby Ruth and more. Nostalgia Candy Bucket

If you want to send something different in a candy gift basket and include some nutritious food along to accompany all the decadence, try sending a basket filled with fruit that goes well with a yummy fondue au chocolat. Fruits such as apples and pears are delicious dipped in a rich, fudge sauce that’s been melted in the fondue warmer also included in the basket. Make sure the fondue warmer contains a tea light and forks for dipping.

2. College Kids Love Christmas Gift Baskets with Chocolate 

Many college kids, are not able to come home for Christmas this year. What college student wouldn’t appreciate a big basket filled with all types of candy to snack on during finals or share with friends. They’ll be the hit of the dormitory when you send Lindt Holiday Chocolate Cheer Gift Basket with holiday pralines, a Lindor Storybook, White Chocolate Santa Hollow Figure, and adorable Milk Chocolate Lindt Bear Mini Figures. Lindt Chocolate Basket


3. Christmas Baskets Made with Love

Who doesn’t love cookies and brownies from the heart included in the gift basket? When times are tough, most of us can still afford to bake a batch of cookies and send them to the one’s me love. If you don’t have time to make a gift basket yourself if you are concerned about shipping cookies, take a look at….

4. Christmas Gift Baskets with Chocolate and Wine, Oh My…

A bottle of wine, gourmet nuts like cocoa-covered almonds and a jar of thick, fudge sauce to dip strawberries in or pour over ice cream can complete the gift basket. The chocoholic on your list will have very sweet dreams for days or weeks to come with.





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