Choosing Happiness Affirmations Coloring Pages



Choosing Happiness Affirmations Coloring Pages

This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Affirmations:

  1. Compassion And Understanding Help Me To Overcome Anger And Gain Peace
  2. I Focus Only On The Good In Others
  3. I Am Grateful For This Moment Which Enriches My Life
  4. I Am Happy In My Own Skin And In My Own Circumstances
  5. I Am Responsible For My Own Happiness So I’ve Got This Covered
  6. I Can Tap Into A Wellspring Of Inner Happiness Anytime I Wish
  7. I Choose To Be Happy Regardless Of What The World Or Others Want
  8. I Feel Joy And Contentment In This Moment
  9. I Fill My Mind With Positive Nourishing Thoughts
  10. I Inhale Deeply And Let Peace And Happiness Fill My Mind And Body
  11. I Inspire Myself And Others To Be Happy By Modeling How To Do It
  12. I Look At The World Around Me And Can’t Help But Smile And Feel Joy
  13. I Love And Approve Of Myself
  14. I Make A Conscious Choice To Be Happy
  15. I Project Peaceful Thoughts And Feelings Into The World And Beyond
  16. I Release The Past And Live Fully In The Present Moment
  17. My Heart Is Overflowing With Joy
  18. My Most Important Goal Is To Be At Peace Regardless Of  The Situation
  19. My World Is A Peaceful Loving And Joy-Filled Place To Live
  20. Today I Make A Commitment To Give Others What I Want To Receive

You will love these beautiful created Choosing Happiness Affirmations Coloring Pages.