Gifts for Grandparents – The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame, Grandparents will love this gift.

Gift for Grandparent Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

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Give grandma something she can cherish this Mother’s Day with The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame, Grandma. Complete with an 8×12 black wall frame, this beautiful gift celebrates the love between grandma and grandchild.

It’s not your average frame either. This brilliant gift allows you to display three different pictures, highlighting different generations. You could include a picture of the grandmother as a child, then a picture of her with her child, then finally a picture of her with her grandchild.

Telling the story of her life through her children and grandchildren is a very special gift that she’s bound to fall in love with.

This frame is something she can really be proud of. Showing off her greatest achievements of all – her family. The black frame and white background offers a very elegant design that will look great in any home.

As an additional bonus, it also comes complete with three engravable plaques. This allows you to personalize the gift, making it even more special.

When the frame arrives, it comes with three fake pictures. It’s worth pointing out that these will need to be taped over with the photos of your choice. This is because they are all included on the same piece of thin paper so it isn’t possible to remove them. It’s not a major deal though and it’s simple to stick the photos you want to include over the top of them.

You could even use this gift as a way to tell grandma she has a grandchild on the way. Use a photo of the ultrasound as the last picture for a special surprise. This image can then be replaced by a picture of her holding the child at a later date.

The pictures you use in the frame will need to be fairly small so this is worth keeping in mind. However, once completed and hung up, it looks absolutely beautiful. It’s a great sentiment that she will always be able to treasure.

The price of this gift is fantastic and suitable for all budgets. Considering it is sold at such a low cost it’s understandable the photos will need to be stuck to the thin paper provided. Of course, you could always improvise and create your own card background that the paper can be stuck on top of.

She’s going to love this gift. It’s also something her grandchildren and own children can cherish every time they visit her.

If you’re looking for the perfect, affordable and touching gift for grandma this Mother’s Day, The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame is one of the best items you can give her.

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