Are You Trying to Pick the Best Christmas Gifts For Teens?

As the mom and step-mom of 5 kids and it is sometimes really hard to pick out the perfect gift for teenagers.

You may think it is difficult to decide on a teen gift for the holidays, but they are really kids at heart and sometimes like the same things younger kids do. Besides electronics that feature games and socializing, there are some other choices you can make that will make them happy.

The Craft-tastic String Art Kit is perfect for the girl or boy who loves to work with his hands. String art has been around for years, but itís taken a new turn and kids love it. This particular string art kit begins with the canvas that measures 8 inches (square).

Your teen simply pushes the pins into a foam canvas (3 per kit) and use the designs (hi, peace or heart) to create art. Your teen will not need a hammer or nail like some string arts kits recommend.

Your teen will love hanging the new art on the wall in his room or lean them up on a dresser or other. It is a great way for the teen to get away from electronics, homework and socializing and do something thatís totally for him or her.

Teens love to get together and play games, too. You will find a wide array of online games in your favorite online shopping sites and can have it sent to your home or the teen recipient.

The Lightning Reaction Reloaded ñ Shocking Game is fun for young and old alike. It looks like a space age contraption and works by having each player grab a handle from the base.

When the player presses the button in the center, the red light blinks and the eerie music will begin. Then, when the light turns green, the fun begins. Press the trigger button as rapidly as you can.

If you are the last person to react, youíll get a shock. Itís not a bad shock, but you can rev it up with settings from Low to Medium and High. You choose. Itís a shocking game, but one thatís fun and will encourage lots of reactions.

It is fun to watch kids pull away from their iPhones and other electronic devices and enjoy fun and simple games that will help them socialize with friends and family. Other, tamer, games exist online when youíre searching for teen gifts and they’re fun for the entire family.

Teens also love gift cards that allow them to shop online at stores like Amazon, or for iTunes or Steam credit. Don’t wait too long, place your orders online now to ensure you get the gifts you want, prices that are competitive and affordable shipping.

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